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the presidents editorial

Dear colleagues, members and friends of the European Sign Federation,

for the previous  years, for the good of our association and the industry, we did some major steps forward. The registration of the Federation in Belgium and the recognition of our Federation as an industry representative within the EU officials, was a vision which we all made reality!

Unfortunately, not all had the chance to enjoy the success of this works. During the last year we suffered from the loss of our long friend Peter Tipton. To some of us, Peter was not only a secretary, but more. His commitment to the industry, even though he was not a sign-maker, is urging us to further commit to the scope and ethics of the Federation.

Our efforts have been recognized and we have set the tracks for a more prosperous future for the industry. The next years shall be also characterized from the same effort and eventually success in our targets. These targets include the establishment of the first European standard relative to the structural design and respectively performance of signage, the increase of recognition of our industry and the establishment of a network, composed by professionals, suppliers and industry specialists.

Further to the above, the enhancement of the relationships between the European Sign Federation and the International Sign Association is put forward. The mutual exchange of information and the international partnership creates a global network of professionals, where mutual challenges can be overcome, and proactive solutions can be provided.

Last, but equally important, is the alliance with FESPA.  Printing is said to be the “parallel universe” of sign making, and many of us, make the “jump” from one side to the other. This alliance has started several years ago, facing similar challenges as well as opportunities in the market.  The creation of the European Sign Expo was the beginning. Yet a long way to go and many thoughts to share, we can only say that the future is bright for both industries.

Closing I may only say, that for the following years we are obliged to continue in the same success road and achieve more!

Manos J. Korres